Writing the End of the World

In 2019, I began work on my novel. Like most of my ideas, it started as an image: a mother holding her young daughter, looking out over a crumbling road as a weary sun set on a sickened, dying world. I didn’t know then—how could anyone?

I Do

Isabella was a single white rose in the midst of half a dozen red ones. Held together by pin and lace, like a delicate, porcelain doll, she paused. Would she melt away if anyone spilled crimson wine on her ivory silhouette?

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Carnal Knowledge

Mistress of suspense, Rachael Tamayo, is back with another hair-raising thriller. Carnal Knowledge a riveting, heart-pounding, double-check-your-locks-and-close-your-curtains novel about a killer with an unquenchable lust for blood.

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The Human Superpower

Published on Medium: After a rough day, a meltdown, or a tantrum over a splattered scoop of strawberry ice cream, I take my daughter’s hands and remind her that she has an amazing superpower: at any moment, she can choose to change.

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Elle Michael River

Elle writes curious fiction about weird, messy people, and performs heart surgery on manuscripts missing their soul. She’s currently revising her debut novel and drinking a lot of wine. When Elle’s not writing, you can find her onstage pretending she’s someone with her life together or panic-eating peanut butter in the upstairs closet.

Elle has her MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University and her BA in English from Thomas Edison State University.

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