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Don’t Shut the Wardrobe Door

I love to revisit the childhood classics that have shaped my writing and my life. But I wasn’t prepared for how different Narnia felt when I wandered through the wardrobe holding my daughter’s hand.



My twenties were as tumultuous as they were transformative. I’ve decided to explore them through ten, short reflections: one for each year in my twenties. These are personal, snapshot entries of a moment in time, but I want to share them with you. Life is messy and weird, but often unexpectedly beautiful.


Summer Reading

Most summers, I don’t post my reading list. That’s because it’s unabashedly romance novels and sexy crime thrillers. You know, the ones where the detective isn’t wearing a shirt and there’s a woman in a long red dress fleeing from a menacing shadow?

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Good Morning Clouds

It feels like rain. It looks like rain. But the free weather app on my phone says it isn’t going to rain. Too bad. I could have used some raindrop inspiration.

This week I’m doing my first ever reprint submission. One of my earliest (and favorite) short stories is For I Have Sinned.

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Monday Musings

Good morning book dragons! I slept like shit. Weird aliens kept invading my dreams and turning my house all upside down and purple. I gotta stop eating chocolate right before bed.

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