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I’m Emily Jones, writing as Elle Michael River. I write contemporary and speculative fiction and perform heart surgery on manuscripts missing their souls. I’m in the depths of revision on my debut, post-apocalyptic horror novel, but when I come up for air from the ruins of the American wasteland, I love penning short stories, blogs, articles, and book reviews. As a manuscript surgeon, I've worked on two novels ad a developmental editor, proofread various short fiction, and workshopped theatrical pieces. Right now, I’m channeling my inner Hermione Granger at Southern New Hampshire University for my MFA in Creative Writing, and I have my BA in English from Thomas Edison State University.

If you couldn’t tell, I run exclusively on hazelnut coffee, fluffy cats, and an unbridled weirdness some might call creativity. But I'd love to tell you a story...



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We had a few discussions as she read my book, and I learned that not only was she a serious reader - and writer - but she was very honest and took this business of writing, reading and reviewing seriously. I look forward to working with Elle in the future. I've asked her to help me with my next project. She is smart, thoughtful and honest. You can't ask for more than that.
William Lobb
Author, 'The Third Step'


For I Have Sinned

When Jesus walked into the nuthouse, I knew things were going to get interesting. Our savior wore a gray t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a pair of orange, converse sneakers. An angry red sore oozed over his fat, brown lips, and he had the tell-tale bruising of a black eye almost healed.

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I Do

Isabella was a single white rose in the midst of half a dozen red ones. Held together by pin and lace, like a delicate, porcelain doll. She might melt away should anyone happen to stain crimson wine on her ivory silhouette.

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She not only captured the essence of my novel 'Nights Arose' but translated the thoughts and emotions in the story into a cohesive description for all to read. If you are looking for an honest review and a great blogger of your story Elle is the person to ask.
Andrea Roche
Author, 'Nights Arose'


Don’t Shut the Wardrobe Door

I love to revisit the childhood classics that have shaped my writing and my life. Over the years, I have returned to C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia many times, enjoying the familiar, fantastical world of magic and adventure. But I wasn’t prepared for how different Narnia felt when I wandered through the wardrobe holding my daughter’s hand.

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Elle this review was utterly stunning! Everything from the retell to the praise to the critique. Blew me away. Honestly one of my favorite reviews to date. Thank you for reading and taking the time to write such an eloquent piece.
Jennifer Wilson
Author, 'New World Rising'

Blogs & Reviews

Mother of Invention

Pregnancy. Science. Conspiracy. Mother of Invention asks us to examine our wombs–are we creators or captives of the future?

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Gaming Mommies

I am a guest blogger for the video game and geek culture website, Gaming Mommies. Check out my articles and retro reviews on their site.

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Girl, Wash Your Face

I haven’t read enough self-help books to offer an opinion on the genre, but Girl, Wash Your Face caught my attention because of the controversial reviews and the promise of a “cut-that-shit-out” narrative that would shock me into motivation. It was motivating, but probably not in the way Hollis intended it.

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A Writer’s Defense of J.K. Rowling

Rowling is under extreme scrutiny for “retconning:” adding details that weren’t in the books via tweets and interviews. This has ruffled many people the wrong way. Some fans say what’s written is law and Rowling shouldn’t add to her own canon. Some fans claim she’s forcing detail in an attempt to complete a diversity checkbox because, let’s face it, Hogwarts is very white. Now, I don’t agree with everything Rowling has said or done. I was not a fan of The Crimes of Grindelwald for many of these “retconning” reasons (not to mention its bloated spaghetti plot). But Rowling – while a personal inspiration and someone I’d very much like to have coffee with – has never been a literary god to me. I don’t believe in literary gods because writers, like me, are human. We forget this too often and crucify our idols the moment they stumble. Rowling has stumbled for sure, but I think there are a few literary areas where the criticism surrounding her is inappropriate at best and harmful at worst. I’d like to talk about four of them.

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Living with Porphyria

I wrote a member story for the APF about my experience living with HCP. They published it on their website; I hope my story can show others with chronic illness they are not alone.

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Turtles All the Way Down

There are those books that grab you by your collar, pull you beneath their pages, and drown you in adventure before you’re fifty words in.

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