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Writing is my passion, and, like most writers, I dream of a mahogany treehouse with an underground winery, the literal library from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and a pantry full of the goopy kind of peanut butter. (It’s an architectural nightmare for sure, but I don’t often live in reality).

I am a chronically ill writer. I’ve spoken about my illness before and how I won’t let it define my art and ability. However, freelance art is how I’m able to help support myself and my daughter while continuing treatment for my genetic disease.

If you wanted to support my writing right now, there are three great ways to help me pay my medical bills, keep my lights on, and stock my cabinets with some of that peanut butter:

The Ugly Expenses of Writing

I get those pageantry bards now: oral storytelling didn’t require SSL subscriptions and Grammarly Pro. How much upkeep could a lute and a feathered hat need? If you’re sending me a cup of coffee or some peanut-butter restocking money, it actually goes to:

Medical Bills • Mortgage • Utilities • MS Office Subscription • MailChimp Fees • Advertising Fees • Short Story Submission Fees • Laptop Upkeep • Grammarly Pro • Pro Writing Aid • Website Hosting Fees • SSL Certificate • Website Design Fees • Student Loans 

I do an uncoordinated happy dance every time someone supports my writing. It means someone (other than my mother and my cat) believes in me. I lean on my supporters during times of crippling doubt or when I’m sick and afraid I won’t get to write all the stories in my soul. These moments happen more often than I’d like to admit. 

Thank you for your generosity.

Special Thank You

I couldn’t do this without the beautiful support of the people listed below. I’ll try not to use their names as evil characters in my stories (unless requested, of course). 

The village from both my Patreon, my personal life, and those cool internet friends from Twitter you’ve never technically met but would 100% fight a dungeon troll are the reason I get up to write even on the rainiest Tuesdays. Many of them are beyond talented and amazing artists as well. If their name has a link, please follow it and check out their art, organization, or business!


I couldn’t do this without…

William Lobb

Jim Black

The Creative Ruby

Dakota Reider

Michael Hoard

Amy Shaw

Victoria Shadiack

Sweta Shah