The Bookish Box Review

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The Bookish Box Review

There’s an art to the Tetris-like packaging of subscription boxes. I’m always delighted to receive one in the mail, rip open the thick tape, and peel back every puzzled layer.

This spring I subscribed to The Bookish Box: an enchanting monthly subscription box that comes with bookish goodies, a literary-themed t-shirt, and a newly released title in either the adult or young adult genre. Each box has a literary or seasonal theme that’s announced a few weeks ahead.

One reason I chose The Bookish Box was their unique multi-tiered subscription options that feature exclusive t-shirts from their store, The Bookish Shop. I loved the idea of being able to rock a comfy tee with quotes and themes from my favorite novels.

While many book boxes only offer one subscription option where everyone receives the same items, The Bookish Box’s multi-tiered options allow for more customization and budget flexibility. Subscriptions begin at only $18*

I subscribed to the three-month Book, Shirt & Goodies Box. I chose my t-shirt size (they offer women’s and unisex sizing from XS to 4XL) and my book option: the adult genre! Don’t get me wrong, I love angsty YA dramas, but after months of coming-of-age stories, I was ready to read about adults. While there are other subscription boxes that offer titles in the adult fiction genre, The Bookish Box is unique in still offering the bookish goodies usually found only paired with those YA titles. I love my bookmarks, tote bags, and bath bombs…but I need a break from unrequited romances between two depressed 16-year-olds.

The first box I received from The Bookish Box was their Welcome Box as I subscribed in the middle of their monthly cycle. Their Welcome Box includes a sample of the items I will receive every month.


The next three boxes I received were: The Cover Lust Box, The Storybook Beasts Box, and The Broken Hearts Club Box.

***Spoilers for these boxes to follow***

I chose the Book, Shirt & Goodies Box option, so each of these boxes came with a comfortable t-shirt appropriately themed and inscribed with quotes from famous novels. The tees were soft, durable, true-to-size, and often the first item unpacked, acting as the anchor for the rest of the box’s items.

In addition to the shirt, The Bookish Box’s monthly goodies included bath bombs, coffees/teas, and candles. While all these items are standard fare for book-based subscription boxes, I wasn’t blown away by their quality. My bath bomb crumbled right out of the package, and the tea I received was crushed and did not steep well. Also, the boxes included some odd choices that felt disconnected from the theme. For example, I received a flimsy coaster, a tiny tub of body lotion that wouldn’t be a good fit for subscribers with skin allergies – such as myself – and a pool float that, again, felt like a risky choice as not everyone has access to a pool.

They sandwiched all these goodies between postcards and prints. While I appreciate The Bookish Box’s colorable, monthly doodle print as opposed to other subscription box’s advertisements, I still found most of these items wasteful. The 5×7 card stocks more often than not ended up as confetti in one of my daughter’s art projects before finding their way to the trash.

Instead, I wish these book boxes would feature more original, literary-themed fan art. I’d be much more likely to keep and display original artwork in my library than an image telling me the theme of next month (and reminding me to subscribe!)

Despite including these underwhelming, traditional subscription items, The Bookish Box stands out with its addition of literary costume jewelry. I love to wear simple statement jewelry, and I gravitate toward pieces that display my admiration for the various hobbies and fandoms I enjoy. The Bookish Boxes included: a bracelet, a very gothic Six of Crows ring, and a rose-gold heart necklace (respectively). These items really enhanced the box’s value for me.

Finally, at the bottom of the package was the featured book. Unlike other book-themed subscription boxes, The Bookish Box’s titles felt less like the center of the box and more like another part of the overall theme. I received only the adult genre books during my subscription, and I was glad to see they were all well-received, newly released titles I hadn’t read.

However, the books were paperback versions with minimal exclusive author content. This furthered the feeling that the book wasn’t really the focus of the box and added to the overall disconnected feeling of each box’s theme.


Despite these hiccups, I enjoyed my subscription to The Bookish Box. The highlight of this book-themed box really is the t-shirt: The Bookish Shop’s shirts are soft, durable, and feature exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else. I’ve received multiple compliments on my shirts and continue to look forward to their new designs and styles. Plus, their multi-tiered subscription options offer fresh choices for their subscribers not easily found elsewhere. If you just want the t-shirt, you can just get the t-shirt!

I’ll be checking back to see if they offer an option to subscribe to just the t-shirt and some bookish jewelry.

If you’re looking to shake up your current subscription box choices, wanting to transition from away from young adult titles but unwilling to give up all the goodies, or if you’re looking to expand your bookish wardrobe, The Bookish Box might be a great fit for you.

But before you subscribe, please check out their online store: The Bookish Shop. You might just want to spend your money on their exclusive literary-themed items.





I received a special coupon code in exchange for a fair and honest review of The Bookish Box

*USD; current at the time of review publishing

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