Writing Coach

Need a Writing Coach?

Just started your memoir? Finished a first draft and not sure what’s next? Need a road map to publish your work? Or are you stuck with an idea for a story that just won’t leave you alone, but you don’t know where to start? 

I can help. 

I offer personalized coaching sessions, big-picture revisions, and actionable steps for publishing your book. I work with writers of all skill levels, and my sessions are confidential and judgement-free.

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is client-focused. I believe it’s impossible to separate the artist from the art during the drafting stage. My goal is to help you tell your story with your voice. I never want you to lose ownership of your book or feel like it’s something manufactured. I approach every contract by asking questions first so I can get to know your vision and style before suggesting any changes. Again, my job isn’t to tell you how or what to write but to assist you in setting actionable, personalized goals, and help you achieve them.

“My goal is to help you tell your story with your voice.”

What to Expect

My work focuses primarily on “big picture” editing, enhancing storytelling elements, and encouraging writer well-being. I work closely with writers to develop a road map for their ideas, address any character, plot, pacing, and setting issues, and offer advice and resources for further editing or publishing.

My coaching sessions are video-enabled to allow for close collaboration and conversation. When I work directly with a draft, I use MS Word’s track changes and commenting system to keep the dialogue open through multiple revision passes.

I work with any length of fiction, but I prefer working with clients who are in the beginning, outlining stages or have completed their first, non-revised, draft. The raw, malleable nature of these works lend themselves to synergy with a writing coach. Together we can set actionable, realistic goals for your work.

Examples of the actionable goals I can help you achieve:

  • Brainstorming a creative idea
  • Completing an outline
  • Creating character dossiers
  • Writing a first draft
  • Revising a first (or second, or third…) draft
  • Addressing plot holes
  • Enriching character development
  • Editing dialogue 
  • Identifying publishing goals
  • Writing an agent or publisher query letter
  • Exploring self-publishing options
  • Discussing project marketing tools
  • Nurturing a creative work and life balance


My Expertise

My love for coaching artists comes from my experience of doing a little bit of everything. After graduating with my BA in English from Thomas Edison State University in 2017, I’ve worked as a freelance line and copy editor and a developmental editor and ghostwriter. I’ve edited novels, articles, blogs, and a handful of personal documents. I also ghostwrote a children’s book. Additionally, I am professional actor, singer, and community theatre director. My experience in visual storytelling allows me to bring characters, settings, and scenes to life from not only a writer’s perspective but from an artistic and dramatic viewpoint.

After working as a freelance writer and artist for two years, I decided I wanted to pursue my MFA. I applied and was accepted at Southern New Hampshire University in 2018. Throughout my graduate program, I honed my storytelling expertise and found a new calling as a writing coach. 

I graduated from SNHU in 2020 with my MFA in Creative Writing and an Online Graduate Teaching Certificate in the instruction of writing. Now, I work with both fledgling artists and experience creators looking to publish their stories while also teaching and writing fiction stories of my own. You can check out more of my work on my portfolio.

– M.F.A. and B.A. Expertise –

Coaching Packages

I offer a free, 20-minute video consultation! Email me now to set yours up. The packages below are flexible and can be customized to fit your needs. Payment for services is due in advance on the first on the month.*

The Novel Plan

  • $750 a month
  • Four, 45-minute (one weekly) video coaching sessions
  • Ten hours of manuscript/draft critique, developmental editing, and email communication per month

The Novella Plan

  • $450 a month
  • Two, 45-minute (bi-weekly) video coaching sessions
  • Five hours of manuscript/draft critique, developmental editing, and email communication per month

The Short Story Plan

  • $200 a month 
  • One, 45-minute (monthly) video coaching sessions
  • Two hours of manuscript/draft reading, critique, developmental editing, and email communication per month

*Additional editing hours or video coaching sessions can be added to any package at the rate of $65 an hour.


What type of content do you work with?

I work with almost any type of artistic content. This includes fiction and non-fiction books, novellas, and short stories, but it also includes blogs, video game dialogue and narration, screenplays, scriptwriting, children’s literature, theatrical pieces, and academic or professional research writing.

What is included in a critique?

A critique includes a discussion of your work’s strengths and weakness. This includes plot, characters, dialogue, style, and setting. It also includes discussion of your work’s marketability, sensitive content, graphic content, and publishing options. No changes are made to your manuscript or draft.

What is included in a developmental edit?

Developmental edits are direct line edits made to the plot, character, dialogue, style, and setting via MS Word’s track changes. They include specific suggestions for revision to increase clarity, pacing, and immersion. I may also suggest edits for sensitive or graphic content and marketability. These changes are reviewed by the author and discussed during video coaching sessions. All work remains the author’s, and the author is under no obligation to accept any changes to their manuscript.

Do you include proofreading for grammar?

No. While common grammatical issues may be touched upon during a developmental edit or coaching session, I do not offer copy editing or proofreading.

Will working with you ensure my book gets published?

No. My goal is working with artists on developing their storytelling skills and setting actionable, achievable writing goals. I am not a publisher or an agent, but by working with me, you will hone your abilities be prepared to submit your work to a publisher/agent or pursue self-publishing.